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About Us


We’ve provided extensive protective security detail for every type of organization available, from large government deployments to corporations, small businesses, schools and executives looking for individual protection. We work carefully with clients to assess their needs and do a thorough site threat assessment and create a relevant strategy and plan for the most effective deployment tailored to the situation at the hand. We provide comprehensive services and personnel on demand ranging from unarmed officers to armed personnel with extensive security training to best meet the needs of our clients.

We are agile, flexible, and fast, adapting to situations and responding to SOS and emergency situations with readiness. We pay close attention to what the client needs and adhere by all site-specific requirements including OSHA recommendations to reduce injuries and risks and increase safety of everyone at hand. We provide recommendations as desired to improve management and security protection of important areas. During emergency situations ranging from natural disasters to mass shootings, we work carefully with our clients to ensure the safety of all their employees and contractors and to reassure the public. Our goal is to protect the client always.

We protect our clients:

• from loss of inventory
• loss of public trust (companies)
• loss of public image (individuals)
• in insurance claims for owners


Why Choose ValorForce?





•   We put the client’s safety and well being first.

•   We bring 20 years of seasoned, on the ground security protection services.

•   We are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, insured, and bonded.

•   We meet and exceed all Law Enforcement qualification standards in conflict de-escalation with regular continued education. We train our security team in hand to hand combat from the Wing Chung, Kali, and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do martial art systems.

Our team is highly skilled, trained in all necessary security requirements and extensive hand to hand combat training.

Tony Lett


Tony provides oversight to all company operations, drawing upon over 20 years of experience directly working in security and security management for large companies and SMBs. Tony holds a Bachelor’s in Business Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, along with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science and Paralegal services. Licensed as a NRA Firearms Instructor, Tony provides training to ValorForce personnel in firearms and safety measures. He also is a skilled Martial Arts practitioner, training for 11 years under Jon Rister, who runs ValorForce’s physical hand to hand combat training for all security personnel. Tony founded ValorForce in 2013 after ten years of direct experience working as a licensed bodyguard supporting private security firms and executives looking for support in the Dallas metropolitan area. After training directly through a licensed bodyguard program, Tony launched his own company.


Tony works directly with the client, ascertaining what the client needs and all the details that come with security planning including access to sensitive information. With deep expertise in security management, protective training, and legal knowledge, Tony is uniquely positioned to lead ValorForce as a premier security firm providing world class services to the federal government, municipalities, healthcare facilities, HOA’s and private companies.


Working with private companies that have contracted previously with the federal government and providing extensive security services and related operations management, Tony has managed large-scale deployments throughout Texas.

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