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Protecting People First.

Our goal at ValorForce is to protect our clients. In order to do this, we continuously hire and train our employees and contractors to ensure they are well informed, well educated, and equipped to provide world class service to our clients consistently.

The safety of our clients is paramount. Hence, we train all of our team members in required skills on the job and additional soft skills to support excellent communication on the job with both the client’s employees and personnel, as well as the general public.

We are careful in our hiring, following vetted processes with background security checks and verifying our team’s existing skill levels. We also aim to hire hardworking, optimistic, and committed team members who are responsible, respectful, and pay attention to ensure we protect and safeguard our clients and all client assets professionally and securely.

Jon Rister

ValorForce Protection Instructor

Our field offices and bodyguards receive hands-on training from our Force Protection Instructor, Jon Rister. Our in-house martial arts expert, Jon Rister is our Force Protection Instructor, teaching each member of our security personnel physical hand to hand combat maneuvers with full-scale training to prepare our officers for the field. Previously serving in the U.S. Army, Jon founded his own martial arts academy and has been teaching since 1987.

Through his careful training, our security bodyguards and officers are prepared to handle a variety of situations in the field. We are able to deploy our team with confidence knowing that each officer has been properly trained.


Our core training includes:


•            General Duties and Responsibilities

•            Scope of Authority

•            Use of Force

•            Professionalism and Ethics

•            Patrols

•            Report Writing

•            Crowd Control

•            Traffic Control



•            First Aid

•            CPR

•            AED

•            Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

•            Blood Borne Pathogens

•            Workplace Violence

•            Officer Survival

•            Fire Safety



•            Active Shooters

•            De-Escalation Techniques

•            Use of Force

•            CCTV Monitoring

•            Self Defense

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