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Elite Team

Our ValorForce Elite Team draws upon various tactical and technical expertise across disciplines to provide world-class services for the most mission-critical requirements.

We assemble a custom, handpicked team for our clients that require a higher level of security service.


Personal Protection for Executives and Celebrities

ValorForce provides executive protection and security driving services for executives, celebrities, and entertainment industry clients in Hollywood, Dallas, New York, and worldwide. Our Specialized Services team handpicks each protection professional to ensure the best cultural fit for the client’s unique risk profile and personal circumstances.


Our protection professionals are experts in advance and logistics planning, threat assessment, crisis management, and emergency response. Equally important, they are specialists in security driving and secure transportation.

Private Investigation

At ValorForce, our investigators use various tools and resources to find and verify facts for a case. Examples include performing background checks, investigating employees for possible theft from a company, proving or disproving infidelity in a divorce case, and helping to locate a missing person(s).

Additionally, our investigators conduct surveillance, watching a person’s home or office, often from a concealed position. Such investigations are completed while being mindful of federal, state, and local laws.

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Security Consultation

We can assist you with defining, implementing, maintaining, or updating your organization’s security policies. ValorForce will better secure your organization with customized consultations to meet your unique security needs. We work with you to identify your security vulnerabilities, determine the most effective way to provide protection, and present options to optimize your security strategy. From fire evacuation to active shooter plans, we will deliver you a proactive plan to protect.


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