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Your Safety Is Our First Priority

ValorForce provides exceptional, comprehensive and tailored security services to our clients. We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for our clients to enjoy peace of mind and resume their normal activities. Enjoy peace of mind with Valor Protection.

ValorForce works with the federal government and state municipalities. We have over 20 years of direct security experience with boots on the ground, assisting our clients on location.




We work carefully with clients to assess their needs and do a thorough site threat assessment and create a relevant strategy and plan for the most effective deployment tailored to the situation at the hand. We provide comprehensive services and personnel on demand ranging from unarmed officers to armed personnel with extensive security training to best meet the needs of our clients.



We have worked as a subcontractor on federal government contracts, providing extensive comprehensive security personnel and services on site in Texas for the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

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  • Patrol services

  • Site-specific security services

  • Emergency management consulting

  • Tactical training

  • Armored car and motor patrol services

Core Capabilities

  • Security protection

  • Security personnel

  • Providing armed uniformed officers

  • Providing personal protection officers

  • Threat assessment


We are agile, flexible, and fast, adapting to situations and responding to SOS and emergency situations with readiness. We pay close attention to what the client needs and adhere by all site-specific requirements including OSHA recommendations to reduce injuries and risks and increase safety of everyone at hand. We provide recommendations as desired to improve management and security protection of important areas. During emergency situations ranging from natural disasters to mass shootings, we work carefully with our clients to ensure the safety of all their employees and contractors and to reassure the public. Our goal is to protect the client always.


We protect our clients:

• from loss of inventory
• loss of public trust (companies)
• loss of public image (individuals)
• in insurance claims for owners

Key Differentiators


Our People: We employ exceptional officers. Our team is very skilled, tested and continuously trained with necessary certifications. Our security personnel are well trained and undergo thorough background checks and training in areas including hand to hand combat training, CPR, basic first aid, observation techniques, and how to diffuse conflicts.

Our Experience: We have over 20+ years of direct experience and exceptional knowledge of security including patrolling and deploying personnel for federal government FEMA and Homeland Security sensitive projects to working with schools, HOAs, single location family businesses, medical facilities, area security, luxury accommodations, and personalized protection for executives.

Client Relationship Management: We care about our clients a lot and pay attention to ensure we provide services our clients want and solve existing problems in a timely, responsive way.

Dedication to Quality Service: We care about the quality of our work and work diligently to ensure that we can provide world class service reliably and consistently that our clients can rely upon.

Security Services We Provide


  • Uniformed armed security officers

  • Uniformed unarmed security officers

  • Access control room security officers

  • Lobby desk and dock office security officers

  • Construction site security officers

  • Local patrol and alarm response

  • Security consulting services

  • Investigation services


Places We Serve

  • Federal government designated sites (FEMA, Homeland Security)

  • Corporations and corporate parks

  • Direct 24/7 protection of executives on location

  • Medical facilities and hospitals

  • Schools and universities

  • Home Owner Associations (HOA) condos and residential complexes

  • Places of worship

  • Single location family businesses (SMBs)

  • Area security

  • Construction Sites




Corporate Data

Established in 2013, ValorForce is committed to providing world class security protection services to our clients.

DUNS: 045738426

CAGE: [add this]

SBA: Small business, minority-owned (certification in process)

Insurance: $1M /project and $2M aggregate [FINALIZE AND ADD THIS]

Address: ValorForce
8330 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, Suite B1157
Dallas TX 75243

Contact: Tony Lett, President
P: (469) 344-0738

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